Tips - Maximize Views

Reduce Private Mode Views

Users have been indicating that many of their views are registering as private profile views. The first thing we need to insure is that we are not in Private or Semi-Private Mode.

Many users may be still be registered as a private view due to the requests to profiles being made externally from LinkedIn. Fortunatley we have determined two methods that will eliminate this issues. Both are simple adjustments to the process you've come to love.

Extended Video Instructions

Method 1 - User Intervention

In this method instead of just letting the automated process to run, you will interact with the profiles as they open. Once a profle has opened you will locate the members profile url just under their profile picture and click it. This will refresh the profile with an internal request.

You will be able to verify that you are sending an internal request by observing the URL in the address bar. It will change from a large string to just the users profile URL.

Click on Profile URL

Method 1 - YouTube Video

Method 2 - Full Automation

This method is fully automated but requires a browswer plugin and only works for Chrome. Install Custom JavaScript plugin. Once installed goto, click on the plugin icon and insert the following code:


Ensure "enable cjs for this host is selected" and click save.

Custom JS Setup

Method 2 - YouTube Video